May 12, 2016.

Never feed your pig avocado or chocolate because these are toxic to pigs. Do not feed your pig caffeine, dog food, cat food or regular pig feed.

Per the conversation I had with the nutritionist and her colleagues from Purina, Purina does recommend Mazuri mini pig feed for the pet pigs that we have.


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You will rarely ever see a pig turn up its snout and walk away from food, unless they are ill.

The goal with mini pigs is to find a healthy balance of a nutritional pelleted diet along.

Some owners choose to feed a raw or all-natural diet without the use of commercial pellets.

Dog and cat food should be avoided completely.

Apr 2, 2019.

ust like traditional pets, nutrition matters for teacup pigs.

Or, even worse, owners assume that they can feed their pig dog food (spoiler alert,

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The recommended amount to feed is based on a pig's current weight.

What treats can you feed mini pigs?

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These foods can be given in addition to the pelleted feed or if you are choosing to go with a natural diet, these foods will be part of your pigs diet plan. (Click here.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about which foods to eat or avoid.

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It is important that owners feed their pigs the correct amount. Feeding them too much can lead to obesity.

This ensures you are getting QUALITY in your investment for your future family pet. There can be hidden, underline health issues that pigs on non-organic feed.

Jul 9, 2019.

Pigs will eat nearly anything in their path and are always hungry, so take.

Also, you don't want to feed dog or cat food to your pig, just as you.

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