May 29, 2014.

To calculate a pet food's protein, fat, or carb values, the guaranteed analysis on the label must first be converted to a dry matter basis.

Whether your dog eats dry kibble, wet food, or homemade meals on the regular.

The worst that can happen is the eggs scramble a bit, and it won’t matter one bit to your pet. 2 cups low sodium or.

This is especially difficult when comparing pet foods with large differences in moisture (can vs. dry) or fiber level. Please note that the values that are calculated.

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Wondering which values to use to evaluate your dog's food? Dry matter analysis and guaranteed analysis are two different methods – we'll.

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for moisture from 100 percent. If the moisture is given as 10 percent, the food's dry-matter content is 90.

Dry Dog Food Basic Tips. AddThis Sharing Buttons.

Learn why dry matter basis is a better way to compare dog foods with different moisture content.

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When comparing pet food, the reported guaranteed analysis must be converted to dry matter basis. Without making this conversion, you're essentially comparing .

May 17, 2012.

Dry matter percentages are easiest to use for commercial foods.

Pet food labels give you some, but not all, of the information you need in.

You probably read the nutritional label on your dog's food, however, what would you say if I told you those labels were misleading? – Wag!

I poured the mandated, one small cup full of dry dog food into another pannikin and placed it alongside the water.


It's no secret that pet food labels can be very misleading, especially when it comes to.

A dry food is approximately 88-90% dry matter, while a moist food is only.

For example, if your cat food has 20% dry matter and 10% protein, divide 10 by 20 to get 0.5. Then, multiply 0.5 by 100 to.

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