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Both Qantas and Virgin Airlines have long had more stringent travel requirements.

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Two or three shorter walks are a better option to avoid being out in the wet weather for a long period.

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Reducing the environmental impact of pet food – “We haven’t realized until now just how significant a contribution to climate change pet food and pet food production is.

Do-It-Yourself Cognitive Dog Toys for Cold Winter Days – To alter the challenge, simply change the size of the container.

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There are dozens of dogs up for adoption right here in Detroit.

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Rockpit Brewing in Orlando is known as a dog-friendly brewery. Rockpit used to host events for dog lovers to hang out with.

The Food and Drug Administration will now put healthy research animals up for adoption after their time in the lab is.

Our dog, Riley, was born more than.

I had no idea how much she would change my life. Riley was our first "child," so she.

Joy High Performance Dog Food Many higher rated dog food brands are far to high in fat and protein for this breed (Orijen. with treats, over feeding kibble/wet and/or feeding higher protein levels that exceed what is.

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